I did three days of fasting to cleanse the body and with the intention to be clear about my path how to help people.

The second day was tragic, I couldn’t do much, I still wanted to sleep and I was fighting with a huge headache. This is the result of the lack of caffeine that I’m used to and the toxin movement. I made such a restrictive fasting on the water only for the first time.

It makes sense to do this when its followed changing unhealthy eating habits. Personally, I’m not going to repeat it too often. This is an individual matter.

Conditions to join fasting:

  • no diseases that are contradictions ( its possible to do that under of care of a doctor, there are some groups organised by Indegenious Botanicals for example),
  • peacefull and quiet place (sensitivity increase and you have less ability to do anything)
  • lack of fear of fasting


  • colon cleansing, improvement of bowel movements, digestion of long-standing food there (I have heard about 7 years vegetarian person that get rid off some meat after fasting)
  • willingness to change your unhealthy habits (having better contact with your body so you know best what it needs),
  • cleansing the body from impurities and heavy metals that we collect from air, water, food and addictions to drugs, alcohol etc,
  • improvement of bowel movement,
  • increased energy when you finish and greater confidence in the body,
  • stimulation of immunesystem,
  • greater peace of mind,
  • improving the absorption of nutrients from food,
  • prettier skin complexion and a brighter look

If I have forgotten something and/or you have some experience with fasting give me a comment. It can help others.

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