Benefits of putting castor oil in belly button

Remember that the purpose of the umbilical cord is basically to circulate the mother’s nutrient and oxygen rich blood in and out of the growing fetus. Those ligaments are still attached to the inside of the belly button.

Traditionaly in Ayurveda also other oils are used but I will focus on castor oil wich I currently use right now.

Castor oil in belly button its

  • antibacterial (we have thousands of bacteria in a belly button and whatever we are putting there is absorbed to whole body, same bacteria can be transported)
  • antyinflamatory,
  • relieves joint pain,
  • strenghten digestion,
  • improves contastipation,
  • clearing out the skin from acne,
  • increasing moisture in the skin,

Fill up your navel with the oil place little cotton pad to prevent clothes from stain and leave it over night every night, best results will be visible after one week if it comes to skin.

If my client have problem with contastipation I like to use this method while massaging a belly. Tell me before massage that you have this problem.

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