New! Available from Warsaw in August

New individual healing session with me in 2 versions

  • 2h tantric massage
  • 3h ritual prolonged with a bath or salt body scrub made on the table

Salt is a crystal so is helping to absorb negative energies.

I use touch, energy work and techniques that you can do later at home to dissolve mental and physical blockadges, to connect sexual energy with the heart and use it as a fuel to reach the full potential wich we came here on Earth.

We are multidimensional beings, free flow of energy is disturbed by stress, limiting belief system, traumas.

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Sacred Sensuality Therapy in Edinburgh

Sacred Sensuality Therapy – tantric body work

Using breathing practice, ancient knowledge of the life force, working with energy and tantric massage, I help you to raise your life force, connect and release emotions locked in the body in the form of physical and mental blockadges and use your full potential hidden in sexual energy.

We talk about boundaries and needs before the session. For men and women, can include yoni and lingam massage.
Even after just one session, you are able to change your limiting beliefs about yourself and the world, feel more open to abundance in life, accept yourself more and open yourself to your full potential.

You will get directions for further work and tools if you want.

Tantric therapy sessions are meditation, breathing, body work and energy healing. Stimulating the energy of creation, pleasure and spreading it throughout the body.
This meeting with me is for you if you want to:
– raise your life force, be more energetic, more happy, healthy and connected (this is also how you breathe, how you dance, how tone of voice sounds, how your relationships and financial flows looks a like, how often do you laugh, are you satisfied with your sexual life etc.)
– strengthen the operation of all systems in the body, especially the nervous, immune, circulatory and lymphatic systems,
– improve your mood, deepen your intuition, broaden your horizons, increase your self-awareness,
– elevate sexual energy to the level of higher energy centers,
– increase the level of energy perception in the body (first step to energetical full body orgasm),
– reduce the level of stress,
– release blockages in the body, trauma and create a place for better functioning in life,
– increase creativity and freedom of expression,
– explore and open up to your sexuality, femininity, masculinity in the safe heart space,

Duration time – 2 hours

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy

Holistic therapy that uses gentle touch od fully clothed client to resolve a variety of conditions and restore health. The emphasis in BCST is to work with the underlying forces that govern how we function, rather then just the effects or symptoms of these forces.

Unresolved stressful or traumatic experiences may be retained in the body and so restrict our natural capacity to heal. BCST provides a non-invasive and effective way to resolve this patterns of conditioning and so allow normal function to return. It’s a whole body approach that deeply acknowledges the interconnections between body, mind and spirit.

Duration time 1h

Mana lomi® massage

Techniques of this massage is based on Hawaiian concepts of working with the mana  wich we can translate to life force of the individual ant this is body, mind and soul. 

It is at the bone level that all memory is stored from past traumas, injuries or emotional links. As with many indigenous cultures, the bones are the most important and protected part of the physical structure. It is here that specific codes are stored that make up each individual on a DNA level. Tapping into the bones allows the Mana Lomi practitioner to communicate on a soul level so healing can take place.
The Mana Lomi practitioner uses a multitude of techniques that affect the golgi tendon organ (GTO), muscle spindle fibers, and the pain receptors. For example, in advance techniques, the concept of compression and stretching away from the insertion point is an important skill for immediate and long-term relief.

Duration 1,5h

                  1h / focused on specific area of pain

Booking please contact [email protected], payment cash or revolut, there is also possibility to do prepayment on an english account – let me know if you prefere that.

About me

My practice is based in Warsaw, Poland where I work mostly with people thru tantric healing sessions wich I created called Sacred Sensuality Therapy. I cooperate also with Cancer Foundation and offer biodynamic craniosacral therapy to cancer patients. During my work I realize we are not so much connected to our bodies, we don’t talk about needs and boundaries so I lead also circles with touch where you can practice with other people in the group negotiating the physical contact.

I have completed master degree in public health in 2008 and I work with massage from 2015. I was learning Hawaiian healing from Kanaka Maoli – native Hawaiian dr Maka’ala Yates in Poland and in Hawaii.

I am practicing meditation tantric, shamanic and dzogczen in Yundrung Bon tradition wich is 18 000 years old and have orgins in Shang Shung area.

I received a number of initiations from highly qualified teachers: Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, Menri Trizin Dawa Dargye Rinpoche, Khenpo Tenpa Yundrung Rinpoche, Nyima Woser Rinpoche, Ponlob Trinley Nyima Rinpoche, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Latri Khenpo Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, and many others. I am also in the middle of a course of soul  and life force recovery with Khenpo Muri Geshe Nyima Kunchap Rinpoche from Dolpo/Nepal.

I am certified by the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust in London. I received a professional CTET diploma. It is recognized and respected all over the world, and it also entitles to join any association of therapists and practitioners of craniosacral therapy. I had opportunity to learn from Micheal Kern, Tracy Evans, Satya Shepard and also amazing teachers from Poland Joanna Czarny, Julia Popcowa and best assistants David Linzer, Beata Szulęcka, Dorota Kmita, Marta Antoszczyk.

I attend number of workshops of Anand Rudra a mexican shaman from certified by the European Association of Tantra professionals in Poland and Spain receiving 1st level of tantra and shamanism teacher certificate.

I will offer sessions in Art and Spirituality beautifull space

Craniosacral therapy biodynamic

Craniosacral therapy, also known as craniosacral therapy, is a gentle, non-invasive therapy derived from osteopathy. The American osteopaths William Sutherland, Franklin Sills and John Upledger are believed to be the fathers of this therapy. The therapy consists in working with the patient's body, where, by means of a subtle touch, tensions and irregularities in the structures and movements of tissues, as well as the bones of the entire craniosacral system are felt.

According to Dr. Sutherland, the system includes:

cerebrospinal fluid fluctuation
central nervous system mobility
mutual stresses of the dural system
mobility of the bones of the skull
sacral bone movement
The therapist listens to the cranial rhythm, the third independent rhythm in our body, in addition to pulmonary breathing and pulse. It is very characteristic, it is perceived as high and low tide, just like the waves of the sea. It has its quality, power and amplitude. The therapist checks where cranial rhythm disturbances occur in our body and releases them using specific therapeutic systems.

According to the biodynamic approach, our health pattern is stored in the cerebrospinal fluid. If we are ill, stressed, sleep irregularly and eat poorly, our body cannot reach this pattern. With cranial therapy, we can recreate it, which often makes it easier for our body to self-regulate. The essence of therapy is to create an impulse for self-healing and a return to natural homeostasis.
To book write [email protected]
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Tantric massage

Tantra is a path to transform… harmful emotions, poisons of the mind into positive qualities, but also the art of alchemy and transformation. In tantric massage, I help to connect sexual energy with the heart and consciousness, transfer it through the breath throughout the body and use it also for purposes other than connecting with another person. With this energy of our creation, we can rejuvenate, heal, nourish ourselves, embrace our whole body with love, and develop awareness. The energy of creation is so powerful that, with the right approach, it is the fastest path to making lasting changes in your life.

During the massage you are naked but you are only the recipient, there is no exchange between us.

We start the session in meditation, I ask about your limits and needs. It is important to me that during the whole meeting there are conditions for exploring sexuality in a safe space.

During the meeting, we are not trying to release energy through orgasm, it is not the purpose of the meeting. When aroused by the energy of pleasure, you nourish your body through the breathing techniques and / or visualizations presented to you.

I invite you from my heart to introducing the aspect of holines and introduce awareness to this powerful energy of creation in us from which Life arises.
Awakening process

Tantric Shamanic Rituals

Warrior and Anahola massage is something I develop after years of training of life force increasing practises. I felt ready to pass to people my method after joining Anand Rudra tantric shamanism school for Tantra teachers named True Tantra and learning Temple lemurian massage from Arya tara (House of Tantra). You can read more about massages here.

Energy of creation, sexual energy, life force is visible in our posture, how we talk, breathe, how our relationships with people looks a like, financial situation and realisation of a dreams.

Since 2014 I have been exploring the topic of life force energy and doing shamanic practises. Balancing elements (space, wind, fire, earth, water) according to Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and soul retrieval by Khenpo Nyima Kunkyap are one of them. I have learned Mana (life force) lomi massage from Maka´ala Yates native hawaiian and healer in Poland and Hawaii. I studied in Poland, India, Nepal, Hawaii. I have worked in Poland and Norway.

I invite you for ritual that help you to dissolve blockages and increase life force on many levels.

Benefits from Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is especially recommended for people suffering from chronic stress and anxiety. It increases body awareness, so it is an excellent support for psychotherapy.

This therapy is a JOURNEY INTO YOURSELF.


-balance of the vital force in the body,

– health promotion,

– regeneration of the nervous system,

– restoring the functionality of joints after injuries,

– relief from headaches,

– ability to concentrate,

-regulation of blood pressure,

– help with fibriomalgae and chronic fatigue syndrome,

Email me if interested to have 30 min session free of charge. Available in Warszawa, Wrocław, Kraków and Białystok.