Tantric massage

Tantra is a path to transform… harmful emotions, poisons of the mind into positive qualities, but also the art of alchemy and transformation. In tantric massage, I help to connect sexual energy with the heart and consciousness, transfer it through the breath throughout the body and use it also for purposes other than connecting with another person. With this energy of our creation, we can rejuvenate, heal, nourish ourselves, embrace our whole body with love, and develop awareness. The energy of creation is so powerful that, with the right approach, it is the fastest path to making lasting changes in your life.

During the massage you are naked but you are only the recipient, there is no exchange between us.

We start the session in meditation, I ask about your limits and needs. It is important to me that during the whole meeting there are conditions for exploring sexuality in a safe space.

During the meeting, we are not trying to release energy through orgasm, it is not the purpose of the meeting. When aroused by the energy of pleasure, you nourish your body through the breathing techniques and / or visualizations presented to you.

I invite you from my heart to introducing the aspect of holines and introduce awareness to this powerful energy of creation in us from which Life arises.
Awakening process
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