Tantric Shamanic Rituals

Warrior and Anahola massage is something I develop after years of training of life force increasing practises. I felt ready to pass to people my method after joining Anand Rudra tantric shamanism school for Tantra teachers named True Tantra and learning Temple lemurian massage from Arya tara (House of Tantra). You can read more about massages here.

Energy of creation, sexual energy, life force is visible in our posture, how we talk, breathe, how our relationships with people looks a like, financial situation and realisation of a dreams.

Since 2014 I have been exploring the topic of life force energy and doing shamanic practises. Balancing elements (space, wind, fire, earth, water) according to Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and soul retrieval by Khenpo Nyima Kunkyap are one of them. I have learned Mana (life force) lomi massage from Maka´ala Yates native hawaiian and healer in Poland and Hawaii. I studied in Poland, India, Nepal, Hawaii. I have worked in Poland and Norway.

I invite you for ritual that help you to dissolve blockages and increase life force on many levels.

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