„After making huge efforts on self development to accept myself truly and to love my entire being I have trying a lot different techniques and books, methods. The advises of Kamila on breathing and her rituals was missing key to find inner peace I wanted to reach. Thank you so much Kamila” Steven

” I felt like in heaven. Kamila your hands are wonderfull ” Danka

„Best massage I have ever had!” Juls

„I did travel a world and visit many spas took a loot of massages in my life Im 54 but this one was definietly best I have ever experienced” Johannes

„I had problem with my shoulder and after massage with Kamila I did cancel appointment with my physiotherapist. It was amazing relief. Thank you” Stephanie

„I had tears in my eyes and hug Kamila after massage because of her kindness . I just felt it its not usual thing I do” Maria

„I did recommend Kamila for my husband and my son so now our whole family is visiting her. She also gave us some tips how to relief pain. Now I know what to do to help my husband when he come back from work. Its not like normal visit to your therapist as you recognize as a friend. I trust her fully” Kathrine

” I have fibromyalgia and trouble with sleeping. Because of my disease I couldn’t bike anymore. It was always my favorite sport giving me hapinness and energy. I was devastated. After first session I slept all night first time in a year. Next day I book treatments with her every week, after few weeks I was biking a little. Now im leading class in spinning. Forever gratefull to this wonderfull soul” Anne

Testimonial from private meditation session: I had a guided meditation with Kamila and It was such an amazing experience! Her voice is so soothing and I felt extremely relaxed and safe. The next day when I woke up, something had shifted because I felt so much better flow and everything got done with so much more ease. Thank you so much xxx I highly recommend! Anneli

Testimonial about guided meditation sessions: „It was wonderfull meditation. Thanks to it I could quiet myself with an ease. Its so important to have restfull sleep this days. meditation has helped me relax. Thank you. Thanks to it I sleep good and I wake up rested and ready for new challenges „. Margaret

„Best massage ever! You have found all places I have problem with all little muscles. AMAZING and in the same time it was so relaxing! You need to know you are special” Linda

„Best massage I have ever had” Claire

” Practicing Ashtanga Yoga is very physically demanding, massage Kamila did on me, helped very much to losen stiff and sore muscles. I am masseur myself but she is an expert. Highly recommended!” Niken

Please send me your opinion if you have been my client and want to post it here. THANK YOU!