Mentoring and work with the body – a 1-month program for both women and men.

It includes 3 body work sessions and mentoring.
The program can be about any issue you want to work on or all at once:

  • self-truth, selfconfidence, selflove, expression,
  • sexuality,
  • going beyond the schemes and shame,
  • life changes,
  • anxiety, depression, trauma,
  • work with the inner child,
  • reaching for abundance, the theme of money, deserving, receiving,
  • recognizing your needs and boundaries – a conscious intimate relationship with yourself means deeper and more lasting partnerships,
  • increasing selfawareness,

Work with the body may include: breathing sessions, meditations, tantric massage (possibility of changing into lomi), craniosacral therapy, intuitive movement. The duration of the body work session is about 3 hours.

(3-week individual mentoring after the end of the program for FREE).

Who will I be as a mentor? A friend, support, someone who shares experience and knowledge with you, gives exercises, inspires, motivates, answers questions, encourages you to go beyond your patterns (difficult to do yourself because we need a mirror).
I see you…

Messenger, whattsup, telegram, email, recorded messages, phone or video calls. You decide. You get 10 minutes of support a day – can be used as often you need.

3 weeks of mentoring also after the end of the program for FREE).

The first individual programs start on January 1, the second round on February 15.

What do you gain?
The combination of mentoring and tantric work with the body gives the fastest results. Sexual energy is like transforming fire, used properly and therefore consciously in connection with the heart will help you achieve changes in a shorter time than other methods. Thanks to having the so-called guardian, mentor, friend we feel safer and we get invaluable support from a person who has been in the place where you are and can more efficiently show you the way so that your life, work, relationships will change because you will change.

I work with people so that they work with themselves as soon as possible: inner friend, self-love, authenticity, overcoming shame and fear programs are the best investments and what you work out, you will realize stays with you for the rest of your life.

Is calling you? Contact me: [email protected], private message or phone number 509698828.