About me

E komo mai / Hello It’s nice that you are here, nice to meet you.

My name is Kamila and in 2008 I have completed master degree in public health.

I am Mana Lomi® Hawaiian massage therapist and biodynamic craniosacral therapist I also do Temple tantric Lemurian massage and I am the author of Sacred Sensuality Therapy. I run Shakti classes for women, dance of intuitive movement and circles of conscious touch in Warsaw and larger cities in Poland.

Mana lomi ® is a hawaiian method of working with the body that increases life force and its focused to solve physical problems.

I traveled to Hawaii to learn more about culture and to catch a link with the land. These were magical journeys full of communing with nature, having opening eyes moments with native hawaiian teacher and being with a group in a complete harmony.

This feeling of being strong, healthy, accepted by who you are I’m trying to transmit in every session.

In Hawaii I have listened to the stories of Hawaiian healers and being fortunate enough to learn from one of them dr Maka’ala Yates (www.manalomi.com)

Sacred Sensuality Therapy

Tantric therapy sessions are meditation, breathing, working with the body. Stimulating the energy of creation, pleasure and spreading it throughout the body.
This meeting with me is for you if you want to:
- raise your life force (this is how you breathe, how you dance, what is your tone of voice, what your relationships and financial flows look like, how often do you laugh)
- strengthen the operation of all systems in the body, especially the nervous, immune, circulatory and lymphatic systems,
- improve your mood, deepen your intuition, broaden your horizons, increase your self-awareness,
- elevate sexual energy to the level of higher energy centers,
- increase the level of energy perception in the body (energy orgasm),
- reduce the level of stress,
- release blockages in the body, trauma and create a place for better functioning in life,
- increase creativity and freedom of expression,
- explore and open up to your sexuality, femininity, masculinity in the safe space of the heart,

Since 2014 I have studied meditation in the pre-Buddhist ancient tradition of Yundrung Bon, received a number of initiations from highly qualified teachers: Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, Menri Trizin Dawa Dargye Rinpoche, Khenpo Tenpa Yundrung Rinpoche, Nyima Woser Rinpoche, Ponlob Trinley Nyima Rinpoche, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Latri Khenpo Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, and many others. I am also in the middle of a course of soul recovery and life force with Khenpo Muri Geshe Nyima Kunchap Rinpoche.

My daily practise its tantric, dzogczen meditation and nyndro.

I am certified by the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust in London. Students of the European Therapy Center in Wrocław, a school facility, receives a professional CTET diploma. It is recognized and respected all over the world, and it also entitles to join any association of therapists and practitioners of craniosacral therapy.

I attend workshops of Anand Rudra a mexican shaman from www.truetantra.eu certified by the European Association of Tantra professionals.

In my work I feel inspired also by: Dalajlama, Czogjal Namkhai Norbu, Saint Germain, Ole Nydahl, Parahamsa Jogananda, Babaji, Robert Monroe, Richart Barlett, Timothy Leary, Byron Katie, Carlos Castaneda, Padre Pio, Peter A. Levin, Franklin Sills, Gabor Mate, Bert Hellinger, C. G. Jung, Alexander Lowen, Allan Watts, Anand Rudra, Terence Mckenna, Luczis, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Anthony de Mello, Amma, Joanna Czarny, Olga Milajewa, Carol Hart, Gary Vaynerchuk, Deepak Chopra, Stanislav Grof, Margaret Machado, Mornah Simona, Osho, Bruce Lee, Joe Dispenza, Wim hof, Ekchart Tolle, Ram Dass, Stephen W. Porges and many more. I would not be in the same place if not Jarosław Bogacki (jarekbogacki.com)

Thank you for spending your time on this page.

I am in Warsaw if I travel with sessions info is on my FB page click here.

Text me or call 0048509698828, you can also send email to [email protected]